Health Information Technology


Increased Provider Productivity 

Our workflow is designed to keep providers focused on patient care, while still meeting quality measures as easily as possible.  The majority of the providers on our network EMR see the same number of patient visits, and experience no drop in efficiency. We have created a "smart" workflow that optimizes the efficiency of every encounter. 

Accountability and Actionable Results 

We provide visibility into your provider performance. We offer unparalleled "real-time" visibility and insight—at the network, practice, and provider levels—to allow for informed decisions that drive results.  

Whether you are a fee-for-service entity, participating in an ACO or other shared-risk model, we offer the data and insight to provide sustainable success for your organization. Our Team can easily identify reimbursement options of which your health system is best prepared to take advantage.

We offer robust reporting tools that provide "real-time", relevant information so that your organization can:

  • Monitor provider performance in real-time.
  • Track provider compliance to ensure physician alignment.
  • Measure productivity. 
  • Identify performance trends or outliers.          

Improved Quality Outcomes 

We are your partners in Value Based Medicine.  We position your health system to improve the quality of care provided, take on more outcome-focused payment models, and reap the financial rewards.

We are an extension of your health system. We research quality management programs, implement clinical quality measures, and track compliance. We take care of that for you for MIPS, Meaningful Use, ACO demands, or other value-based initiatives.

Our EMR enables seamless Continuity of Care. Our teams manage ALL transactions between providers including the work needed to exchange information via phone, fax, or paper.