Outcomes Management


Data Management

We advise you on which data sources are most relevant and useful based on your business goals and objectives. Then we organize your data so it’s easy to use, regardless of the source.  We provide relevant data, at the right time so that you can make informed population health decisions. 

Quality Management  

We offer introspective quality management reporting and dashboards, that maximize your quality performance. Our dashboards help you uncover patient-level care gaps to optimize pre-visit planning workflows. 

We offer targeted patient outreach services that bring patients in for needed care and prevent unplanned high-risk encounters. Our Population Health services include customized, automated outreach campaigns to close care gaps. 

Care Management 

Our priority is better care for your patient population. We offer more efficient utilization of your care management team. We help you reach more patients, more effectively.

As a part of our network you will have access to evidence-based care management content that includes comprehensive patient care plans with assessments, goals, and opportunities to engage patients in their own health. 

Our care management infrastructure: 

  • gives care managers a consolidated view of patients
  • identifies quality programs and utilization patterns
  • provides transparency across sites of care 
  • facilitates better, more efficient coordination.

A comprehensive, user-friendly app is available that gives you visibility into patient activities between visits and empowers patients to report on their own progress. This added insight and efficiency helps you scale care management across more risk programs and address rising risk populations.

Patient Management  

Our fully integrated services allow patients, family members, and care teams to stay connected.

Automated patient outreach capabilities help you reach patients without added work for your staff. 

  • Outcomes are tracked at each stage, using best practices from across our network to maximize patient engagement and improve clinical outcomes. 

  • The app keeps patients engaged with their care team and active in their own care. Patients can access—and self-report on—their care plan at their convenience, increasing patient engagement and care plan adherence.